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Custom Dice

Order a custom set of 7 or just a few singles.

Etching/inking fee: $1 per die plus a $19 logo set-up fee.

Example project cost:
Set of 7 Diffusion Cherry:  $13
Logo set-up fee: $19
Custom Arch'd4, d6, d8, and d20:  $4
Total cost:  $36

Use the contact form below to inquire about what colors/shapes we have in stock.  Logos/symbols placed only on the highest numbered faces.
Order now to receive before Christmas!

For large quantities or higher discount pricing, not available by Christmas, check out our:

November Custom Dice Flash Sale

Put your logo or symbol on a set of 7 or specific polyhedrals in Rose Gold; or 18mm pipped d6 from the 16 colors shown below.  Contact us using the form below with details about your project.

RoseGold + 16d6 November2023

Example prices:
Set of 7 Polyhedrals in Rose Gold w/ custom logo on highest face:
  - Qty 1:  $29 per set,  Qty 25: $15 per set

Pack of 12 d20s in Rose Gold w/ custom logo on highest face:  $39

18mm d6 w/ pips and custom logo on highest face in any of 16 colors above:
  - Qty 12:  $3.50 ea,  Qty 100: $2.25 ea,  Qty 500: $1.50 ea

Delivery expected in January 2024.

Custom packaging also available.  Please note that our 18mm d6 are over 40% larger than traditional 16mm dice for a heftier feel.  Our polyhedral dice average 30% larger than traditional dice.  All symbols and logos are placed on the highest-valued face because we celebrate success!

Order custom dice, sets or singles, in small quantities as low as 1 set or 12 singles.

Put your text, logo, or avatar on the highest-numbered face of any and all shapes of our polyhedral sets, XL d20s, or pipped d6s.  Prices and delivery time can vary greatly based on the size of the order and colors selected.  Please send us details with this form.

Custom Dice Contact Form

Or are you looking for custom dice sets or singles for your organization or company?

For wholesale pricing, we have a typical minimum order quantity of 200 sets or 500 pieces depending on your requirements, but may be lower.  Please note that these are only examples below.  Prices, minimums, and availability will vary based on the size, design, complexity, and timing of your project.  Contact us for further details about your specific needs. 

All symbols and logos are placed on the highest-valued face unless noted otherwise. 


Individual shapes with logos:

Custom colors and shapes:


Custom sets and packaging


Custom colors and dice with inclusions:

Dice Colors available for customization in Sets or XLd20s in qty 50 or less.

Color Image Set XLd20   Color Image Set XLd20
Cherry Yes No Glacier Yes No
Amethyst Yes No Sapphire Yes No
Atlantis Yes No Dwarven Mead Yes Yes
Lich Yes No Majesty Yes Yes
Olympus Yes Yes Phylactery Yes No
Rose Gold Yes No Shangri-la Yes No
Bloodstone Yes No Blue Sky Yes No
Cherry Blossom Yes Yes Dark Forest Yes Yes
Dragon's Hoard Yes Yes Elven Spirits Yes No
Faerie Magic Yes No Lava Field Yes No
Midnight Yes No Neptune's Treasure Yes No
Sea Foam Yes Yes Thunderbird Yes Yes
Wraith Yes Yes Forty Two Yes Yes
Volcanic Blast Yes Yes Volcanic Blast Yes Yes
Starlight Yes No Barbarian's Rage Yes Yes
Bardic Inspiration Yes Yes Cleric's Divinity Yes Yes
Druid's Grove Yes Yes Fighter's Resolve Yes Yes
Monastic Discipline Yes Yes Paladin's Oath Yes Yes
Ranger's Mark Yes Yes Rogue's Cunning Yes Yes
Sorcerer's Bloodline Yes Yes Warlock's Pact Yes Yes
Wizard's Arcana Yes Yes Nixie's Brook Yes Yes
Djinni's Wish Yes Yes Ki-rin's Grace Yes Yes
Werewolf's Bite Yes Yes Leviathan's Wake Yes Yes
Sphinx's Riddle Yes Yes Goblin Green Yes No
Guilded Griffin Yes Yes Artificer's Ingenuity Yes Yes