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Custom Dice

Custom Wizard Dice
Design your own custom dice by putting your text, logo, or avatar on the highest-numbered face of any and all shapes of our polyhedral dice sets, XL d20s, or pipped d6s. No minimums! Great for
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Special Events
  • Gaming Groups
  • Businesses
  • Personal expression
Custom Dice Black Roses

Customizable dice set example project

Small quantity fees:
Etching/inking fee: $1.75 per die
One-time $20 logo set-up fee.

Example project cost:
Set of 7 Diffusion Phylactery: $13
Logo set-up fee: $20
Custom Arch'd4, d6, and d20: $5.25
Total cost: $38.25

Qty 20 Sets = 20 * ($13 + $5.25) + $20 = $385 total = $19.25 each.

Use the contact form below to inquire about wholesale orders or see which colors/shapes we have in stock for smaller orders. Logos/symbols placed only on the highest numbered faces.  Custom packaging also available.

Please note that our 18mm d6 are over 40% larger than traditional 16mm dice for a heftier feel. Our polyhedral dice average 30% larger than traditional dice. All symbols and logos are placed on the highest-valued face because we celebrate success!

Dice mean something different to everyone who rolls them.

Custom Dice Sets for Businesses

To RPG fans, they're a color palette for their favorite character and the deciders of fate.
To wargamers, they're a fist-full of annihilation aimed at their enemy's flank.
To collectors, they're a veritable rainbow of shiny math rocks, an art form all their own.
Regardless of what part of the dice community you are in, everyone can agree on 3 things. Dice should be:

  • pretty.
  • easy to read.
  • special to you.

We at Role 4 Initiative have mastered the first two. And now, with our customizable dice program, we are leveling up that last one.

Custom Dice for Wedding favors

Customized DnD dice are great for:
symbols that represent your unique preferences, interests, themes, or other artistic expression.

Special Events: celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, tournaments, or outings with dates, names, initials, or special symbols.

Branding: logos, slogans, or thematic elements for your organization or company.

Game Immersion: add customizations that represent your character, adventuring group, or campaign setting.

Personal Polyhedrals
Personalize your dice by getting your character's crest, iconic spell or phrase, or any design important to you.

Your Dice, Your Way!™
All of our dice are available as sets or singles.

Give us a symbol, logo, or text; then pick your color and shapes, and we will turn your customizable dice dream into a reality by swapping out the highest-numbered face of each die (except the d% because it's debatable which number is highest) with your special request.

Message us about an order.

Individual shapes with logos:

High-Visibility and Inclusivity

To best support our community, our dice average about 30% larger than traditional dice and feature high-visibility bold numbers to make them easier to pick up, roll, and read for maximum inclusivity. Order a single custom set of 7 or just a few singles from dice in stock.

Order custom DnD dice, sets or singles, in small quantities as low as 1 set or 12 singles.

Company Branding

Or are you looking for custom dice sets or singles for your organization or company?

For wholesale pricing, we have a typical minimum order quantity of 200 sets or 500 pieces depending on your requirements, but may be lower. Please note that these are only examples below. Prices, minimums, and availability will vary based on the size, design, complexity, and timing of your project. Contact us for further details about your specific needs.

All symbols and logos are placed on the highest-valued dice face unless noted otherwise.

Our quick-turn smaller orders of personalized dice are all laser etched, hand inked, hand polished, and quality inspected in-house at our Michigan facility.

See small quantity pricing at top of page.

Send us a message to request custom dice:

For quantity under 100 per shape, choose from these colors