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Please note that wholesale orders only pertain to Brick and Mortar stores, or other pre-authorized retailers.  Product availability and pricing is subject to change.

Check out this U.S. special promotion:

  • Assorted bundle of 40 sets of dice:
        24 sets of 7 dice (d4 d6 d8 d10 d% d12 d20)
        16 sets of 15 dice (3d4 4d6 2d8 2d10 d% d12 2d20)
  • Five-shelf light-up variable brightness display
  • Sets include Diffusion, Jade, Marble, Shimmer, and Translucent styles.
  • Total dice MSRP at least 2x wholesale price
  • Limit of 2 dice display bundles per U.S. store location

Dice shown in display are only representative of the assortment of dice colors and styles.  Exact sets will vary and will come in quantities mentioned above.

Please contact us for ordering details for stores outside of the U.S.

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