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You're gonna like this!

Treat yourself or a loved one!

Order custom dice in singles or sets with your own logo, symbol, or text.

Just Released!

Hero's Valor in purple, teal, and purple glitter, with dark purple numbers!

Available in singles, sets of 7, sets of 15, and sets of 12d6 pips.

Happy Holi-Dice!

Sets of 7 available in 6 holiday color & symbol themes:
Candy Cane, Christmas Tree
Silver & Gold, Falling Snow
Holly, and Shiny New Year
and Sets of 12d6 pips in all colors but SNY.

Kickstarter coming soon!

Play video below.

The Well of Many Dice comes to Gen Con 2023

The Well of Many Dice comes to Gen Con 2023

Come visit Role 4 Initiative at Booth 943 at Gen Con 2023 from 8/3 to 8/6 and pick up a scoop of dice for only $24.

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Arch'd4™ for the win!

Arch'd4™ for the win!

Be different, be better, with the Arch'd4™ -- the roly-poly number tumbler!
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Thank you spelled out in dice

Another Gen Con is in the history books!

After taking a day off in Indy, we are back at work, getting caught up on everything that came in during Gen Con & getting in touch with the contacts we made there. 
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