Goblin Dice Hoard

Click here to grab some Goblin Green!

Role 4 Initiative has teamed up with our friends at the Goblin Dice Hoard to develop Goblin Green dice.  Designed using R4I's two-color Diffusion plus glitter, these dice are available in sets of 7, sets of 15 and individuals.

The sets feature R4I's Arch'd4 and GDH's Goblin logo on the highest face of the d6 and d20.  Also available are a traditional d4, a Goblin/GDH logo d2 coin, d6 and d20 fully numbered, and d6 pipped w/ or w/o the Goblin logo.

If you're not familiar with R4I dice, they average about 25% larger than traditional dice, for easier rolling and readability.  This special pre-sale offer ends on 4/1/2021. Dice are expected to be ready for delivery around April 2021.

Click here to grab some Goblin Green!

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