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Fog of War

Fog of War

Are you a gamemaster frustrated by battlemats that don't fit your table?
Tired of covering up the unexplored landscape, drawing maps on the fly, or having players figure out the whole dungeon by meta-gaming?

Well, Role 4 Initiative has just what you need:
Check out our modular, interlocking, dry-erase dungeon tiles!

Spend all the time you want before the game, planning and drawing out your maps. Add as much detail and color as you need, but then reveal only one tile at time!

Maintain the Fog of War.
Keep your players guessing what's around the next corner and only reveal the map as the characters go exploring. And since the tiles are double-sided, you can hide tricks and traps on the underside. Then just flip the tile over when they get triggered.
Available in squares, hexagons, and 5 different colors and themes, and also compatible with wet-erase and liquid chalk markers, Role 4 Initiative's dungeon tiles are the DM's best tool for immersive and smooth gaming sessions.

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