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These High-Visibility Polyhedral Dice feature purple and Goblin Green with red glitter.

They're available in sets of 7 or sets of 15 that feature our Arch'd4 and Balance'd20. To suit every gamer's and collector's needs, they're also available as individuals to customize your sets with all the traditional shapes and a Goblin symbol d2 and pipped d6.

Our set of 15 is customized for D&D or Pathfinder so you have multiple dice in the types you use the most often: 3 Arch'd4, 4d6, 2d8, 2d10, d%, d12, 2 Balance'd20

The dice in each R4I set average about 25% larger in size than traditional dice for higher visibility and better rollability!

The Arch'd4 is a better alternative to the traditional d4 -- bigger, easier to pick up, and easier to roll than traditional d4s.

The Balance'd20 provides a more even distribution of results by ensuring all adjacent groups of 5 sides add to 52 or 53.

Goblin Green d6 pips come with the Goblin symbol on the 6 side.