Diffusion 18mm pipped d6 collection - Dice Maniacs Club - Rainbow 3 - limited edition

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What a great way to commemorate your partcipation in Role 4 Initiative's 2018 DiffusionΓäó Dice kickstarter!

Each of the 5 dice in this collection feature the DMC logo on the 2-face and regular pips on faces 1,3-6. These dice are a very limited edition and will not be produced again.

This Rainbow 3 set includes the following DiffusionΓäó colors:
Dragon's Hoard
Faerie Magic
Black w/ Silver Glitter (new in 2020!)

Limit one set per order and one set per person.

Also available in Rainbow 1 (set of 8) and Rainbow 2 (set of 8) colors.