Diffusion Bundle 1: Sets of 7 & Sets of 15 w/ Arch'd4 & Balance'd20 in Atlantis, Bloodstone, Cherry Blossom, Dark Forest, Dragon's Hoard, Faerie Magic, Forty Two (42), Glacier, Starlight, Thunderbird, Volcanic Blast, Wraith

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This bundle contains 12 sets of 7 and 12 sets of 15 containing Arch'd4 and Balance'd20 in the following Diffusion colors:
Cherry Blossom
Dark Forest
Dragon's Hoard
Faerie Magic
Forty Two (42)
Volcanic Blast

New Sets of 7 now include the following dice in a display box: 
Arch'd4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, Balance'd20.

New Sets of 15 now include the following dice in a display box: 
3 Arch'd4, 4d6, 2d8, 2d10, d%, d12, and 2 Balance'd20.


The Arch'd4 is a better alternative to the traditional d4;  bigger, easier to pick up, and easier to roll than traditional d4s.

The Balance'd20 provides a more even distribution of results by ensuring all adjacent groups of 5 sides add to 52 or 53.