Debunking the Saltwater Test for Dice

One of my Pet Peeves is misinformation. As a dice producer, engineer, and business owner in the gaming industry, the one that always "rises to the top" for me is the Saltwater Test for Dice.

A lot of very nice, well-intentioned people demonstrate or promote the idea that you can test the fairness of a die (especially a d20) by floating it in saltwater and seeing if any one face regularly rises to the surface (typically due to air bubbles).

Personally, I believe that this is simply not a valid test for typical use of dice, because there are many other more significant factors that affect fairness during typical use.

So, join me now while I embark on a journey to debunk these claims. Here is the opening chapter.

Please comment, share to other groups, ask questions or rebut. Prove me wrong, or prove me right!

Thank you for your contributions.