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Black Friday Specials

*The discount will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout.  No coupon code needed.  All freebie items will be chosen at random from an assortment of styles and colors and will be packed with your order automatically.  They do not need to be added to your cart.  Sale ends 12/1/23.

**Free Shipping applies to US orders only.

Approximate Freebie Item Values:
Arch'd4:          $ 2.50 each
XL d20:           $ 6 each
Enamel Pin:    $13 each
Mystery Bag:   $30 each

Arch'd4s will be chosen from our wide variety of styles and colors.

Enamel pins will be chosen randomly from our assortment of D&D character class pins shown here.

Mystery bags consist of a 4"x6" black velvet dice bag hand-decorated with various images or symbols.  The contents include stickers, a set of 7 matching dice from our current inventory, or an unreleased prototype set and possibly various other items like an XLd20, other random dice in various shapes, miniature figures, and/or enamel pins.  Total value exceeds $30!