Role 4 Initiative

Dice Bundle 3: 30 sets of 7, 16 sets of 15 in assorted colors w/ Arch'd4s

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Role 4 Initiative's easy-order Dice Set Bundle 3 includes 30 sets of seven dice and 16 sets of fifteen dice in display box packaging with Arch'd4s, including Diffusion, Opaque, and Translucent colors. Total MSRP of ~ $611 when sold separately.

R4I dice are on average about 25% larger than traditional dice, featuring bigger numbers making them easier to read and roll.

With a focus on Diffusion dice but including other styles, a typical configuration consists of:

16 Diffusion Sets of 7
8 Diffusion Sets of 15
8 Translucent Sets of 7
4 Translucent Sets of 15
6 Opaque Sets of 7
4 Opaque Sets of 15


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