XL d20s now available in select Diffusion™ colors!

Our new XL d20s are now available! The R4I standard-sized d20 is ~22mm, but these beauties measure ~29mm! The bigger the die, the better it shows off the Diffusion™ effect!

Right now they come in 11 colors: Bloodstone, Blue Sky, Cherry, Lava Field, Lich, Midnight, Neptune's Treasure, Phylactery, Rose Gold, Sapphire, and Shangri-La.

XL d20s are part of our Kickstarter, and they will be made in all unlocked colors (with no symbols). Please consider pledging to help bring more colors to our repertoire.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/r4i/diffusiontm-dice-classes-and-creatures

XL d20s will also be added in more Diffusion™ colors, as we replenish them, so if you don't see your favorite color yet, we'll get there!

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