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Kickstarter coming soon - Your Dice Your Way!

Kickstarter coming soon - Your Dice Your Way!

Customizable Dice to Level Up Your Game!

Launching soon is our latest Kickstarter campaign.  Eleven new beautiful dice designs and styles coming your way featuring multi-colored Diffusion™, our debut of multi-layered dice, and our first glow in the dark dice!  All of these new designs will be available in sets of 7, sets of 15, and singles with personal customization options.  

Please click here to follow along and be notified at launch.

And check out our new website CustomDice.Shop!

Here's a peek at the first few colors:

Select dice with all numbers, with our color-themed symbols, or ...

Customize your dice with your personal symbol

to suit your game, character, gift idea, special event, or organization!

After the success of our Classes & Creatures campaign, we've been working hard to develop and perfect our in-house dice customization capabilities so that you can add any symbol, text, or avatar of your own design to the highest face of any of the polyhedral shapes.

Lots of Fun!

We're planning on another mystery color, lots of freebies, and a really fun adventure!  I hope you'll join us on this journey of innovation and creativity to truly make

Your Dice, Your Way!

Thank you for all of your support,

The Federkins Family and R4I Team

John Federkins

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