Custom Dice Flash Sale

Choose from any of the colors below
with low minimums (100 per color).
Available in our larger 18mm d6 pipped dice.
Buy 200 or more (in one or more colors) and receive huge discounts.
Be sure to use the coupon codes below during checkout.   Offer ends 5/24/23.
Order Now!

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from the end of the sale.
After making your purchase, email your logo to
File types accepted:  JPG, PNG, SVG, or PDF in line art style.
There is a limit to the complexity of the logos possible.  We will let you know if changes are necessary.

Ask us about full custom sets of 7 polyhedrals, custom packaging, and more


Qty Discount Coupon Code
200 20% 200CustomD6
300 30% 300CustomD6
400 40% 400CustomD6
500 50% 500CustomD6

Choose from the following colors:

Color Price Each
Diffusion Glacier 1.99
Diffusion Slime Green 1.99
Diffusion Citrus 1.99
Diffusion Amethyst 1.99
Diffusion Atlantis 1.99
Diffusion El Dorado 1.99
Diffusion Olympus 1.99
Diffusion Phylactery 1.99
Diffusion Dragon's Hoard 2.19
Diffusion Faerie Magic 2.19
Diffusion Koi Pond 2.09
Diffusion Thunderbird 2.09
Diffusion Wraith 2.09
Diffusion 42 2.19
Diffusion Volcanic Blast 2.19
Diffusion Starlight 2.19

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