Classes & Creatures Kickstarter Update - All dice tray boxes unlocked and dice colors moved up!

Update from the boss:

Hey everybody, hope you're having a good day.

Things here at Gen Con have been crazy!  We've had excellent feedback from our booth visitors about our prototype Classes & Creatures Diffusion™ Dice on display.  


Furthermore, the response to our Dice Box/Rolling Trays (with R4I logo only) has been so good that we decided to make the Class-specific versions all unlocked and available in this Kickstarter.


Not only will you be able to add-on any of these dice box rolling trays to your rewards regardless of where our funding ends up, but we moved up all the dice colors so they unlock much earlier!

So, please take another look at your favorite colors and lets push to get them all unlocked!

We're still updating some of the graphics to put the Freebies back in at the new tiers, but those too will come even quicker, so stay tuned!

Best Regards and Happy Gaming!


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