Diffusion Citrus w/ White Numbers

504067BSet of 77.99
50406FBSet of 1515.99
50406S6d6 pips 14mm1.00
50406L6d6 pips 18mm1.40

Diffusion Dice are made by starting with a clear plastic. Then, a translucent color is injected and allowed to diffuse throughout each die creating wisps and ribbons of color -- a beautiful and unique visual effect in each die. No two dice are the same!

Bigger Dice for Bigger Rolls!

Bold numbers for better visibility.

Sharper edges for better randomization.

Customized sets for the most common RPGs.

Available in Sets of 7, Sets of 15, and individually.

Why sell dice in sets of 15?

We have customized our packs of 15 dice for Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and similar RPGs. You get more dice in the types that are most commonly used in multiples:

  • 3d4 for missile spells and dagger attacks.
  • 4d6 for character generation and fireballs.
  • 2d8 for healing spells and two-weapon attacks.
  • 3d20 for multiple attacks per round.
  • 1d10, 1d%, and 1d12 to complete the set.