Dungeon Master Special

44999W5White 5" square59.99
44999WTWhite 10" square59.99
44999WCWhite square combo59.99
44999WHWhite 6" hex59.99
44999GTGraystone 10" square59.99
44999G5Graystone 5" square59.99
44999EHEarthtone 6" hex59.99
44999ECEarthtone square combo59.99
44999ETEarthtone 10" square59.99
44999E5Earthtone 5" square59.99
44999GCGraystone square combo59.99

Please note, this product has been updated since it's original release. See details below.


Your choice of Dungeon Tile Packs:
36 5" square tiles
9 10" square tiles
Combo: 5 10", 16 5" square tiles
33 6" Hexagon tiles
All packs contain same total area.

Each set of 15 color-matched dice include: 3d4 4d6 2d8 1d10 1d% 1d12 3d20.

Please note that our Dungeon Tiles are compatible with both dry-erase and wet-erase markers. They have been tested with over 15 brands of both types of markers, and even permanent Sharpie markers. After letting the ink dry and sit for 2 weeks, all the tiles cleaned off with no staining.
The Sharpie ink took a little extra wiping with alcohol wipes, but you can rest assured that you will not ruin your Dungeon Tiles by accidentally using the wrong type of marker.

Furthermore, we recommend using wet-erase markers when you wish to pre-draw your maps and pack them up for transport so the ink holds a little better.

Hexagon tiles will not interlock with square tiles due to the geometries.