Castle Keep Dice Tower, 2 Castle Wall DM Screens with Magnetic Initiative Turn Tracker


Be the envy of your gaming table with this medieval Castle Keep Dice Tower and Castle Wall DM screens. Never have your dice accidentally roll all over the table or drop on the floor. Easily roll a whole handful of dice at once for those massive attacks!
The dry-erase initiative tracker helps both players and DMs easily keep track of turns and instantly know who's next. Includes a sheet of double-sided sticky squares to attach maps and rules to customize your DM screen.
The tower and walls have been designed to a 1":5' scale to be used as an RPG miniature props. Medium sized miniatures fit well on top of tower and walls behind battlements.
The DM screens also work well as pencil holders during the game and hold 2-3 RPG books for easy carrying.
Additional towers, walls, or magnets available separately.

  • Over 12" tall Dice Tower with four internal ramps for optimal randomization.
  • 5" x 7" dice tray easily holds 20 dice or more.
  • Castle t

    Dice, books, map, pencils, and minis not included, shown for reference only.

    Dice Tower Assembly Instructions Video