Pack of two 24x36 Double-Sided Dry Erase Battle Grids with 6 Markers & 2 Erasers


These two-sided plastic-laminated grids have over 800 1-inch squares on each side or about 40000 square feet in scale (1in:5ft).
Both wet-erase and dry-erase are useable on this mat and will clean right off with the included eraser.
Unlike vinyl mats never worry about ruining your mat because a dry-erase or permanent marker was used by mistake.

No worry either about accidentally erasing your drawing before or during the game!
Useful for Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, GURPs, Munchkin, Warhammer, and other miniatures combat mapping.
Included with the mat are three different colored dry-erase markers and one eraser. Use a different color to draw walls, doors, stairs, area affects from spells, etc.
Please note that the surfaces of these mats are intended to hold dry-erase ink better than a typical whiteboard so that your drawings will be more resistant to the movement of minis or a casual finger swipe.
This is a great advantage to a game master who wants to draw up detailed landscapes or dungeon layouts before the game. This also means that the mat is slightly more resistant to intended erasing but with the included eraser and care instructions all markings should clean right off.

Ships rolled up in a cardboard tube.